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DIY Garden Chandelier #masonjardiy
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DIY Garden Chandelier #masonjardiy

Make A Garden Chandelier From Mason Jars Light up your yard with this DIY garden chandelier! This also makes a perfect lighting idea for those who don’t have the option of installing a fixture. And when you’re done, you can remove them and store until next time.

Outdoor dining? How about making this beautiful glass jar chandelier for setting the warm ambiance? What's great about this outdoor lighting idea is that it doesn't need to connect to a power supply. It makes a perfect lighting project for those who don't have the option of installing a fixture. All you basically need is a timber wide enough to cut holes as big as your mason jar lids. But if you don't have timber, or if this certain glass chandelier is not your style, there are many other versions for you to get inspiration from! Get these ideas by viewing our album